Monday, January 25, 2010

New Beginnings

My machine arrives this Saturday and after much coaxing from my dear wife (Julie) I have decided to have a go at setting up a blog site...after all..."how will people know who I am and what I am doing"?!
I am very excited about the machine (Gammill Optimum Plus with Statler Stitcher) and have several practice pieces of my own to get me started...will post the finished quilts once they are done. The Statler Stitcher allows me to get started straight away with edge to edge designs (the software has hundreds to choose from) and after practice and patience I will be able to tackle the more complex customised work. This is what I am really looking forward to, there is something very exciting about seeing a beautiful quilt enahanced by complimentary quilt designs.
My first custom will be one of my own...a huge Queen Size Thimbleberries Quilt that has been finished for almost a year (and about 3 years in the making!) but waiting for me to save up and purchase a quilting machine...lets face it quilting on a domestic machine, though rewarding, is also very slow and hard work...and I want this one to be special.
All my quilts to date have been finished on a domestic as I enjoy the challenge, but I also know there are many patchworkers out there who love the piecing but want to move on to the next project...I love to piece but I also love to see a project finished. Hopefully I can help you to finish yours!
Pictures coming soon once I have mastered the whole blogging thing!
Happy Quilting

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