Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My First 2 Quilts (1998-2000)

This is my first quilt as mentioned in my bio. It started with the 2 fabrics that Julie purchased...the tye dye leaf and the lilac/green paisley. I read through my book "Rounds of Friendship" (ISBN 1-875625-01-1) to find some great inspiration and thought "I Can do this"!
The book is about 8 quilter friends who follow a "recipe" and share their quilts around as they follow each stage. Not belonging to any such thing as a quilt group and feeling somewhat apprehensive about joining one I decided to go it alone and just do each stage myself.
I started my centre 12" block by hand as this is what I believed a "real" quilter would do...and as I was convalescing at the time it worked quite well for me...but in the end my desire for faster results won out and I went back to my machine...after all I come from an industrial background.
Julie and I had fun searching for more fabrics and I tried not to buy too much of any one type so it stayed true to the recipe where each of the quilters were to use fabrics from their stash to match back to the previous quilter's round.
I think this project was several months in the making when I decided that I really would like to learn techniques and processes before finishing it, so I joined my first quilt class at Patchwork Dreaming and started a sampler quilt. 
This gave me the confidence to finish the recipe (and change a few ingredients on the way!) and also introduced me to one of my favourite patchwork styles...the Sampler.
I love the maths and the precision and what seem to be never ending combinations of blocks and how when a group of patchworkers can all be working on the same blocks, but with fabric choices and positioning they will all look different. Anyway my first sampler quilt is attached photographed with the ginger jar that inspired it.
Here's to inspiration and enough hours in the day to do something with it...


  1. Welcome to blogging Stephen, Bec said I should come over and say hello to her 'Uncle Stephen', so here I am! It's refreshing to have a male quilter up here with us. Well done on your first quilt although from what Bec says, you're certainly not a 'newbie' stitcher. Enjoy.

  2. Welcome to blogging Stephen. Bec said to drop on by so here i'm saying "hello". Love the blus & white quilt. It's gorgeous. The other quilt is beautiful to. Jeanette

  3. Yes, welcome Stephen! Your dressmaking was exquisite and I can see the creativity is still with you, so best wishes for success in your longarm business, oh, and of course your journey in Blogland, too!

  4. I can't believe that beautiful quilt is your first attempt.
    Bec sent me over to say hi to her Uncle Stephen and I'm so glad I did.

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  5. Hi Stephen , Bec sent me over , welcome !

  6. welcome to blogland.........have fun and looking forward to seeing what you make.....

  7. I've just come from Bec's blog ... welcome to blogland Stephen. Your quilts are gorgeous and that book sounds good too, I might try and hunt that down :o).
    Joy :o)

  8. Lovely quilts, welcome to blogland too. Followed Bec's link too. Look forward to seeing more.

  9. Hi! Your niece pointed your blog out to me and so far so good! Love to see what you've made! My husband was "stretching" his duvet cover one of the first times I met his and that pretty much sealed the deal for me!

  10. Bec also just joined our quilting bee that we are starting online! Do you want to play too? We get 12 quilters from around the world together and each send fabric and instructions on our given month. You get 11 blocks made by others and one made by yourself! You make and post the blocks back every month--good time! E-mail me if you are interested!! (I've and Uncle Steve an he's great!)

  11. Love to meet a fellow quilter.I'm continually amazed by people who understand math and enjoy it! Welcome to the blogging world and I hope to read and see many more blog posts on your quilting journey.I would love to make such lovely quilts as the ones you've shown us so far but I mainly stick with small acheivable projects with a quilt thrown in the mix now and then.Keep up the lovely work :) Barb.