Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Brand New Year

New resolutions...welcome to the Year of the Rabbit !!
Firstly...I apologise for my very poor attempt at blogging in 2010.  It was an amazing year for me at work...I actually held 4 different positions over the year which had me learning many new skills and procedures (all still within the fashion industry, but differing aspects of the company).

My new roles meant I spent a lot of time travelling overseas...this tends to take me "off the beaten track" as my time is mostly spent in factories and industrial cities, but nevertheless it is very exciting to visit new places, meet people and be part of other cultures.

Most of my time was spent in China but I did have 2 short trips to was all an amazing experience...I have attached some photos of some of the sights I have seen...I am very keen on architecture, culture and history all of which is in abundance in both countries.  I have also met some lovely people who have become dear friends when I am visiting and make my work trips relaxed and enjoyable.

Lotus Temple...New Delhi

Older than the Taj Mahal!  Built by a queen for her dead husband...exquisite

Not hard to see where some of our quilt block inspirations come from...wall detail New Delhi

Ferry to Gulan Island from Xiamen (China)
Me on Gulan Island

During all this I filled in what spare time I had finishing quilt tops for customers.  What a great year!!  I have received so many beautiful quilts to work on...I just wish I had photographed some of them to show you.  This year will be different...I will be keeping on top of my blog...promise!

Happy quilting all my friends
Stephen x